goatkeeper 3





Final batch (16 polished 3 footswitch pedals, plus a couple blem pedals) coming 2018


Goatkeeper 3 is an all analog signal path, tap tempo tremolo / sequencer pedal.  Its unique sound is due a fast response analog VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier), four stage pattern sequencer, and customizable waveforms.  It has six standard waveforms with an additional five that can be created and saved using the waveform recorder function. Either Goatkeeper’s depth knob or the expression/CV input can be used as the source for waveform recording. The four step sequencer multiplies the LFO’s rate by either 1,2,3,4,6,8, or 16.  Each step can also be set to rest, full amplitude, or random.  LFO rate is set by tap tempo (requiring two or more taps), the expression/CV input, or external sync input.

Optional presets mod adds four presets that cycle when tapping the preset switch. Presets can be set to automatically cycle in sequence with the current tempo and depth.  This is available as a mod for existing gk3 owners or installed in new gk3s.  The same mod allows for depth to be controlled from the expression pedal input.


    • Capable of completely unique sounds as well as standard tremolo
    • Advanced LFO
      • Four step sequencer
      • Skip a step by setting it to “>>”
      • Set the step to multiply the speed by 2,3,4,6,8,16
      • Set the step to minimum or maximum amplitude
      • Set the step to Random, selecting between 1 through 16 ro minimum amplitude
      • Waveform Recorder function – draw an arbitrary waveform
      • Six preset waveforms and five slots for user drawn waveforms
    • Tap tempo
      • Set tempo duration from approximately 250 msec to 6 seconds
      • The resulting speed can then be multiplied by up to 16 times using the sequencer knobs
    • Either the depth knob or expression input can be used to “draw” the waveform when in Waveform Record mode
    • Configurable expression controlled rate or depth.  Expression input also accepts 0-5V control voltage
    • External sync input – syncs Goatkeeper to an audio click track
    • 100% analog signal path with fast response VCA and voltage doubler for large headroom
    • Relay bypass with momentary footswitches